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pravá část hradu - více než dětský koutek - Hrad Zábavy  

Children's attractions & entertainment Prague

  • Labirinth Castle

The Giant Castle combines jumping, rock climbing and a slide.  Our majestic castle welcomes you and many friends. 

Grab your socks and get ready to climb! For kids 13 and younger, this indoor playground gets out all that pent-up energy by sliding down tube slides, crawling through  levels of a playhouse that takes you all the way up to the ceiling and testing out your rock climbing skills. There’s even a separate play area for toddlers which even features a ball pit.

Parents can rest, while your kids run on chairs that circle the playground.

If you forget your socks, you can buy a new pair.

  • Ball Blasters

Shoot your friends in a battleground of foam ball mayhem!

Features: 4 Cannon Ball Blasters, Foam Ball Fountain, Dumping Baskets, Ball Blowers

Suitable for kids aged 5 and over.

  • Toddlers Zone

A special place for toddlers.

Features:  Ball Pool, 2 lane slide, Jumping Castle, Building Blocks , Punching bags, Rocking horses

Suitable for kids aged 0 - 4yrs.

  • Panning for Gold and Gemstones.

This is an interactive, educational and fun hands on event for children of all ages.

Feel like a real prospector.

Learn how to use washing pans and other accessories.

Find natural semi-precious stones - it's your Prize!

  • Prize-Winning attraction.

Our redemption games dispense tickets that can be redeemed for prizes at our Prize Center.

Attractions Sport &Fun for all family.

You do not leave without winning!

Our Prize Center features many exciting prizes such as toys, bouncy balls, collectible memorabilia, stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes, watches, mp3 players, stereos, something for every age!

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